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Our Work & Pricing

The starting prices below are based on square footage and may vary depending on conditions. Contact us for your personalized estimate. 


Buildings & Houses

Prices may vary based on height, material, surrounding vegetation, and condition of the wall surface. 

Starting at $1.52 per/LF for a single-story building or house.

All washes are performed using a Softwash method ensuring safe and effective cleaning for all types of sidings.

 *Paint Oxidation removal is not part of the cleaning process as it is not dirt/organic but a finish failure. Oxidation removal is a process that involves a special compound to remove failing paint.


See specialized services below for pricing on oxidation removal. 

Surface Cleaning & Parking Lots

From parking lots to driveways, walkways to entryways, we have the equipment and the knowledge to get the job done right. We do not leave our customers with unsightly lines.


Pressure washing starting at .12¢ per/ft²  (Cold water)

Power washing starting at .15¢ per/ft²  (Hot water) most effective!


Driveway services include the curbs.

Parking garage or lots (Hot Water) $20.00 per spot. 

15 spot minimum


For larger projects, water may be supplied from a fire hydrant at 

a lower cost to you. 

* Stain removal is listed under specialized services below.

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Roof 2.jpg

Roof Cleaning

There are many types of roofs each with it's own characteristics.

Since no two roofs are the same we create a softwash service tailored to your needs.  

From composition shingles to terracotta tile, we have the perfect solution for your roof. 


Starting at .19¢ per/ft² for a single story house with pitch no greater than 6/12 

Starting at .21¢ per/ft² for a two story house or building. 


* Pricing will vary depending on roof material and condition. 

Specialized Service

Rust removal (irrigation/battery)                         $1.50 + per ft² 

Paint/Graffiti                                                        $2.00 + per ft² 

Embedded oil, hydraulic fluid or similar              $2.00 + per ft² 

(Clean-up/recover additional)

Gum removal                                                      $2.00 + per ft² 

Oxidation removal                                              .25-.35¢ + per ft²

(Material cost and labor determines final cost)


Paver striping and sealing is offered through a partnered company and backed by us. 

(Please contact for further information)


After hours service available.


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